Friday, July 29, 2005

When Comics and a Serials Librarian Mix

Well I'm not "technically" a serials librarian, I'm a glorified Library Aide type II, but I fulfill a duty an actual librarian would...any way I digress...

While checking in new journals today, the new issue of Voya, Voice of Youth Advocates has an article by Kat Kan who was a judge for this year's Eisners. The article gives a behind-the-scenes look at the selection process. VOYA has a website, but they don't have content for the August (v.28 #3) issue out yet. A good read.


Random Music Archive: "Eat A Peach" by The Allman Brothers Band

Track Listings:
1. Ain't Wasting Time No More
2. Les Brers In A Minor
3. Melissa
4. Mountain Jam
5. One Way Out
6. Trouble No More
7. Stand Back
8. Blue Sky
9. Little Martha

In 1996 I was invited to a bachelor's party for a close friend of mine, Tom Widlund. His party was actually more of a group of guys going to see the Allman Brothers perform at the California Mid-State Fair at Paso Robles, CA. At this time I was vaguely familiar of the band, knowing that they have a tendency to perform songs that sometimes can last for a half hour or more. In order to "bone up" on what I'd hear, I took the advice of Tom, and picked up this CD, "Eat A Peach".

"Eat A Peach" is a curious beast of an album, that has its feet in the past and future of the band. Just a few months before this album would be released their guitarist and central figure, Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident. This album features both live and studio stuff from Duane and the band, including some of the best stuff that wasn't on their previous "incendiary" album "Live at the Fillmore East". At the same time, several of the tracks on the album features tracks recorded after Duane's demise. A few months after the release of this album, the Allman Brothers would again meet tragedy as their bassist Berry Oakley would also be killed in a motorcycle accident not too far from the site of Duane's accident.

It may have been enough eery tragedy to make this album a musical artifact, but that would ignore just how good this album is. By far this is my favorite Allman Brothers album, and easily one of my favorites in my music collection. It has been played on long car rides to Denver to see the Brothers many times. It has been accompanied by cold beer, sometimes a cigar or two as I cook up a tri-tip on the grill. It has been background music as I read. It has been a soundtrack to my wife and I lovemaking more than once. The music lives and breathes in my life. Needless to say, if there is any CD that I would wear out, this would be it. It's not just damn good music, it's music to live by.

That 1996 concert was incredible, even when Dickey Betts had to leave the stage because of a kidney stone and Warren Haynes was the sole guitarist. I have a CDR of that night, still missing one song (Soulshine), and too this day I continue to look for a copy of that show that is complete. That show started me down a road that goes on forever. Thanks Tom for the invite, and the CD recommendation.

And I haven't even mentioned that the legendary Tom Dowd produced this album. There.

Eat A Peach.


Meme Poetry


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Random Music Archive: "Starfish" by The Church

Welcome to a new feature of the blog. If all goes well I will several times a week dig into my musical archive and review, remember, or touch on a CD, recording, or cassette. This won't be a regular critique. Sometimes it'll go way off topic, hell probably more times than not I'll go off topic. But like driving by a car accident, you can't help but look, or read in this case. So leading things off...

Track Listing:

Under the Milky Way
Blood Money
North, South, East and West
A New Season
Hotel Womb

I've had this CD for only a short time, but I've had the cassette of this album for like ages. For the longest time I wanted to pick this up on CD, but just never got around to it. I don't know too much about the band themselves other than they had a short lived career, and somehow managed to eek out a best of collection. They also came from Australia or New Zealand, or one of those former British prison colonies. Anyway, I never felt the need to go hunting down for their Best Of disc, because all I ever really wanted was this album. I like pretty much every single song save the last two songs which never clicked for me. Back when I only had this on cassette, I would save myself even more time, listening only to Side A, and then would drag out a Cure tape or a tape by a Christian band at the time, Mad At The World.

Under the Milky Way hands down is one of my favorite songs. Reminds me a little of Midnight Oil meets Psychedelic Furs. Most of the album is pretty moody, actually the term 'sparkly' comes to mind because despite the somewhat upbeat songs, it has these jangly guitar riffs that hooks me everytime I listen to it. Oh, and I also really like Reptile on this disc as well.

The CD also reminds of that time when for two weeks I considered myself an atheist because I was enamored of this girl named Micky that was cool, wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and was reportedly loose. I had one of my favorite dates with Mickey, which started out having dinner, seeing a movie, and ended chatting about sex, religion, parents, and while sitting on the swings at a local park. Right after we sat on the hood of my Chevy Monza and watched a lightning storm that hadn't quite reached us. The heat from the car, and the cool of night is a powerful image in my head to this day.

Anyway, I've had a few girlfriends by this time that I could make-out with, but Mickey was a girl that I could potentially go all the way with, so godammit I was renouncing what faith an impressionable teen had at the time.

Anyway, long story short. While I was doing the whole atheist thing. I'd often pop this tape in the old 1980 Chevy Monza, and we'd go driving around Fairfield, talking about her boyfriends and much I wanted to be one. Yeah, it was pretty pathetic, and finally (thankfully) I was crushed.

One night at a Carl's Jr. we had the following conversation:

"Well Chris, I'm not quite sure what direction all this is going in. I mean usually by now I've fucked a guy by now, but I'm not doing that right now..."

["Shit!" I said to non-God believing self]

" that ways I see it, we could either: A. become good friends...."

[A really delicate proposition, because the inner part of myself needed to make sure the outward part of myself reflected deep appreciation for being her friend, although inwardly wanting to go a hell of lot further than that]

"...B. have some fun fucking and then go our separate ways..."

[Despite really, REALLY wanting to go in that direction, I did both want her in a sexual way, but wanted also really dug her too, so that was out.]

"...or C. Start going on some dates and see if we really want to pursue something together. As I told you I don't do 'B' anymore, so let's start going out and see where it leads."


Or so I had thought. Just a couple of dates later she confessed to me that she had gone to a party, met a guy and then indeed went all option "B" on his ass, and my sorry ass was no longer wanted. Sure we stayed friends for a short way more, but really I was pissed off for not really seeing that all the time it was her trying to convince herself to fall for someone like me, and her inner voice wasn't buying it. Still, she introduced me to this fine album along with Sisters of Mercy, and XTC. In hindsight I think I got the better of the deal, all she got was two movies (Yahoo Serious and The Abyss), some dinners, and my lame-ass pining after her.


Future Projects

I feel like a cook that can't stand the heat. I have several things simmering on the proverbial stove right now, but just don't have the time, nor energy to mind them just yet. Just so you know what's coming around on the blog in the next week or month, here's a short look at what I have planned:

1. A review/overview of a few Joe Sacco trades, primarily focused on Palestine.

2. Scans of the few sketches we got a SDCC. Just need to cut a swath from the door to the scanner in our computer/storage room, and hook the laptop up to the scanner. Note to self: I really need to get a cheap new PC, it would give me an excuse to get that room straightened up, and give a room I could hunker down and continue writing my comic book scripts.

3. Some political linkblogging in the Liberal Coalition.

4. The start of a five year long adventure into my musical collection, sort of like Dave's Comic Long Box but randomly picking out CD and bootleg/live recordings in my musical collection and offering reviews. This will actually start sometime today. Five years? Hmm, if I'm throwing in my live recordings it may take twice or three times that.

5. A short minireview of the comic week that was, including Runaways, Wonder Woman, and OMAC Project.

6. A post on a recent article by Bill McKibben in the new Harper's magazine, which encapsulates my thought of on being Christian in America has become less Christian, and more American.

7. Participating in a Meme thats been floating around on bag blogger poetry.

8. And behind the scenes, I'm hoping to connect with Shane and a few others on beginning work towards migrating my blogspot address to my address, with a spiffy new look to the site and what-not.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Comic Book Vacation Part Six

In which Lefty explains why instead of hounding Jim Lee at the Isotope party, he found himself walking about Union Square for good take-out...and ends up with a Slurpee.

Well while I momentarily pause from the last chapter (or two) in my San Diego Comic Con reports, let me jump ahead briefly to the second leg of me & Mrs. Lefty's comic book vacation. On the 20th, we spent the morning finishing packing and went to see a doctor about my wife's pain. After that we drove up to San Francisco so we could hobnob with James Sime at his new Isotope location. I was looking forward to maybe getting a sketch from Jim Lee, and get to marvel at the Italian artists invited to the shindig. Well we checked into the Sir Francis Drake, that I got for a great price on Hotwire. I love older hotels, but hate the cramped quarters. After getting an awfully small room that included a toilet even a supermodel couldn't squeeze her ass into, we were rewarded with a slightly larger room. We had a couple hours before the Isotope party, so my wife decided to take a nap (evidently napping on the ride up wasn't enough). So while she slept I dug into the week's new comics.

Later I woke my wife up to get ready for the party, and she was having a major pain attack, one of her longest and strongest. So she took some meds that made her fall asleep and get her mind off the pain, and I decided to forgo the party and find a place that had a good meal I could take out....after I hit the Virgin megastore and the Rasputin's of course.

Well, after walking up and down Union Square and downtown, I was too tired to care anymore and ended up getting an iffy sandwich and a huge-ass Slurpee at a downtown 7-11. I had fun walking around, and I dug that I was actually cold in my shorts having just driving a few hours earlier from 104 degree heat. I used to always hate big cities. I swore I'd never ever live in a metropolis, preferring the smaller cities, but you know I think I would dig living in or near San Francisco...that is if we could actually freakin' afford it.

When I got back to Sir Francis Drake, my wife was still fast asleep. SO I put on hold watching Bubba-Ho-Tep that I picked up at the Virgin Megastore, and ended watching some crap show in Fox that had dancing on it.

So that's how I missed out on what was surely a very uber-cool party. James, just let me know when the next one is. My wife and I are so there.

The next day was my 34th birthday, and we drove over to my old haunt, Fairfield and Suisun City, CA. My wife loaded up on Jelly Belly flops, we did some Olive Oil tasting at a local place, and then went to the mall for some Chick-Fil-A, my birthday meal du jour. After swinging by my old house a mile from Travis Air Force base, we were on our way back to Fresno and the heat. Man, I'm 34th. I need to start working on my comic scripts again.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lefty Looks at "Superhero" Movies

I have a co-worker here at the Chrisitan university library I work at. He and I very often don't see eye to eye on a great many things, but we do try to be at least courteous to one another. One of the few things we actually do chat about is superhero movies. He's a fairly older guy, so it surprises me a bit when he starts asking what superhero movies he should check out. Recently I suggested Hellboy, thinking the name alone would keep him away from it (he's very much "that" type of Christian). Anyway, he did watch the DVD, and liked it so much, he bought a copy for himself. He's also raved about the Spiderman movies too. Just yesterday I opened up and recommended my second favorite superhero movie, the much-maligned Unbreakable. Anway this has me thinking about Superhero movies, so I'd thought I'd toss out my top ten superhero movies (that I've seen):

1. Spider-Man 2 (2004)
2. Unbreakable (2000)
3. Superman: The Movie (1978)
4. X2 (aka X-Men 2) (2003)
5. The Incredibles (2004)
6. Batman Begins (2005)
7. Hellboy (2004)
8. Mystery Men (1999)
9. Batman (1989)
10. Condorman (1981)

Anyway that my short list of my favorite superhero movies, that list would change drastically if I made it a comic movie list, and not just superheroes. Keeping with the topic, what superhero movies have been made? Bad or Good, here's what I got. Feel free to add more in the comments section.

Comics Movies:
Batman (1989)
Batman: The Movie (1966)
Batman Begins (2005)
Batman Forever (1995)
Batman Returns (1992)
Batman & Robin (1997)
Blade (1998)
Blade II (2002)
Blade III (2004)
Catwoman (2004)
Condorman (1981)
Crow (1994)
Crow: City of Angels (1996)
Crow: Salvation (2000)
Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)
Daredevil (2003)
Elektra (2005)
Fantastic Four (2005)
Ghost Rider (2006)
Hellboy (2004)
Hulk (2003)
Incredibles (2004)
Mystery Men (1999)
Phantom (1996)
Punisher (1990)
Punisher (2004)
Return of the Swamp Thing (1989)
Rocketeer (1991)
Spawn (1997)
Spider-Man (2002)
Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Supergirl (1984)
Superman: The Movie (1978)
Superman II (1981)
Superman III (1983)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
Superman Returns (2006)
Swamp Thing (1981)
Unbreakable (2000)
X-Men (2000)
X2: X-Men United (2003)

Any more?


Monday, July 25, 2005

A to Z (or A to Zed if you're Canadian)

Because I'm only half a bastard, if you don't want to find out any of the surprises of the new Harry Potter book don't read entries for H and S. So there's you're obligatory spoilers:

A is for Animal Man, which is long overdue for a relaunch. Maybe with Psycho Pirate rumored to be back with Infinite Crisis we'll see more of Buddy.

B is for Blue Beetle, who like rock stars is more famous after he died than he was before, but he's still a fictional character. Get a grip.

C is for Chick-Fil-A, which makes the best Chicken sandwich known to mankind. Thank god the nearest one is 2 1/2 hours away because I would be enormous. Last week I had Chick-Fil-A twice, one of those to celebrate my 34th birthday that was last Thursday the 21st.

D is for Daredevil, so does the director's cut really make the lame-ass film any better? My only excuse for owning the regular edition DVD is the terrific documentary on the second disc.

E is for Electric Company (I'm reaching here). How long ago did that show stop? Did Marvel license out Spidey for the show, or was it all genius marketing.

F is for Fantastic Four, which I'll be seeing later this week. I heard it was a good popcorn movie, but not to expect anything the likes of Spiderman 2. Or should I wait for the DVD?

G is for Galactus. When was the last time anyone felt really threatened by Galactus. How long has it been, 30 years? Okay, I did enjoy the Galactus moment in the original Secret Wars, but c'mon I've never took him that serious.

H is for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. I would give away the surprises here, but I'm afraid that I may get death threats, or maybe killed like Dumbledore at the hand of Snape. Doh!

I is for Ice Cream. While I've been good at resisting going hog wild with the ice cream, I do have to say that right now I've been enjoying getting cheesecake ice cream with graham crust, peanut butter, and roasted almonds at Cold Stone Creamery. Yum! Sadly I went without ice cream or a cake (or in my case cheesecake) on my birthday.

J is for J. Michael Straczynski. J.M.S. gets a lot of flak for the horrible Sins Past storyline. He gave a reasoned answer about the story at the Spiderman panel at SDCC, but I still think the story was really bad. That being said, I'm rereading his run so far on Amazing and I have to say I really dug his whole Spider totem/Ezekiel stories, not to mention how he has a good grasp on the Peter Parker/MJ/Aunt May dynamics.

K is for Karl Rove
. Watch Bush pontificate. Anyone giving away State secrets will be fired. Watch Bush move the line. Anyone CONVICTED of giving away State secrets will be fired. See Bush squirm. Squirm Bush squirm. How far up the Bush White House does the Plame fiasco goes?

L is for Losers and Larry Young. I know I know Larry has his own company to run and write for, but man wouldn't a Losers written by Larry "Astronauts In Trouble" Young shake the walls and wake the kids? No offense to Diggle who is already writing a terrific series, I've been reading with each new TPB. Just thinking outside the box here.

M is for Miracle/Marvelman. How much longer do I have to wait until I can read the Gaiman Miracleman stuff? I was able to read the Alan Moore stuff through Interlibrary Loan, and it is one of the finest superhero stories told, but I want to see the Gaiman stuff.

N is for Northstar. Well not exactly, but man how long will it be before we see a gay superhero in his/her own solo book. Granted Northstar has always been handled really, really clumsily, but imagine if someone the likes of Winick or say maybe an actually gay or lesbian writer got hold of a book. I'd read that, um, well only if Michael Turner is nowhere attached to such a book.

O is for Owly. What a fun book! Picked up the first two collections, and I'm hooked.

P is for Puma. Confession time, Puma is one of my favorite Spider-man villains, just because he was the featured bad guy in my first Amazing Spider-man comics I ever read. I think David Micheline was the writer on that stretch, that was pretty cool to me. I would love to Puma come back.

Q is for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Whatever happened to those rumors that a certain comic professional was going to be featured on an episode of Queer Eye? Did that ever come about? And if so, how can I get a copy to watch?

R is for Red vs. Blue. Picked up all three seasons of RvsB at the SDCC, and so far it's dang funny. For those unfamiliar with Red versus Blue, it's a web comedy using Halo characters that it so dang funny.

S is for Snape. I was soooooooooo hoping that Professor Snape would turn out to be a good guy that went deep undercover with Voldermort's Death Eaters. By the end of the Potter book it looks as if that's not the case. Still can't believed he killed Dumbledore. I keep secretly hoping that Snape did something that made it look like Dumbledore died but he's really not dead...but with Dumbledore dead and buried, and him joining the paintings in the Headmaster's office, that looks to not be the case. Damn.

T is for Texas Hold 'Em No Limit Poker. I've been playing Texas Hold 'Em obsessively on Xbox Live on World Championship Poker. Fun stuff.

U is for Ultimate Fantastic Four. I long ago made the switch to hardcover collections of all the Ultimate Marvel titles, so recently I picked up the Ultimate Fantastic Four hardcover. You know as much a Warren Ellis sounds like he hates writing superhero books, he sure knocks them out of the park. I loved his Doom story arc, and the Fantastic Four sci-fi/tech-adventure stories are a perfect fit for Ellis. I really really enjoyed it. Too bad Millar is back on the book.

V is for the Vacant Lot. With practically everything (well except for WKRP and The State) finding its way to DVD, why can't this short-lived but hecka funny comedy series find a home on my DVD shelf.

W is for Wonder Woman. I never have been a big fan of Princess Diana. Sure I liked George Perez' art way back when, but ever since Greg Rucka got his paws on Wonder Woman, the book has moved to the top of my reading pile. It also helps having Rags Morales on the art. I'm really looking forward to the final part of Sacrifice that wraps up in the next issue of Wonder Woman.

X is for X-Men. What is it about X-men that there can only be one decent series in the line. Astonishing X-Men is incredible, and before that New X-Men captured my interest, but why can't Claremont put a little of that magic back into Uncanny, and I never would have figured that Peter Milligan would turn out to be a dud on the X-Men. I loved his work on X-Statix, but so far his run on X-Men has been very limp.

Y is for Y the Last Man. Is it just me but have the current storyline that just wrapped a little lackluster. It's almost as if as soon as they left the United States the story just went limp. I'm hoping it picks up in the next storyline, because this series was firing on all cylinders for so long.

Z/Zed is for Zot. With the recent resurgence in overlooked 70s and 80s series making their way into trades, I'm surprised that this Scott McCloud hasn't been re-collected. I would love to see a hardcover collection of this series. Perhaps it's only a matter of time.


San Diego Comic Con 2005 Part Five

In which we gawk at near naked Princess Leias and marvel at the lengths people dress up to walk around an already crowded con floor.

Here's some pictures of people in costumes, and other interesting pics:

The real reason Kerry lost Ohio.

I'll have to get a better scan of this freebie pin I got at the Star Wars booth. The fuzzy words next to Darth Vader says "Join Me...And Read." Yes, Darth Vader and bad-ass of the universe wants you read. Man those prequels really mellowed him out, although in his defense, if you don't join him he'll crush your trachea with his Jedi mind powers. So read up!

Do or Do Not, but we won't make your burger until you order. This is one of the strangest costumes on the floor. Who thinks of these things?

Pretty cool Star Wars costume, that isn't a half naked Leia or a dozen and a half Stormtroopers.

This mildly humorous gathering outside the San Diego Convention Center made it so worth the $600 plunked down on X-Wing Flight uniforms. On reviewing this pics for the blog, I can't but wonder how close our little comic blogosphere resembles those Star Wars fanatics. We're fans, who sometimes cross the line into fanaticism and no one understands just why we do it. I mean c'mon one who in their right mind would collect any artifact tangetically related to Swamp Thing. Those people ought to find professional help. (just kidding Mike Sterling, you remain the Master, and we are but Padawans)

No this is not the Leia you are looking for. Move along.

THIS is the Leia you are looking for. This lady attracted more gawkers than some of the convention booths. My wife talked to her before a panel and yes she has nothing on under the costume. The bottom is kept down with tape, and yes if does comes loose often. That may explain her entourage of comic fanboys, and a few comic professionals. Hell maybe Greg Land can use this photo as a character reference. I kid. I kid.

One last look, because this is closest I come to posting cheesecake pics on my site. I leave that honor to Greg Burgas.

One of my favorite costumes, but I doubt they let this guy into the convention floor because that tail would cause too much problems.

My Green Lantern knowledge must be lacking, because I've seen this GL, but I've forgotten his/her name.

Before I make light of the seriously out-of-action Alan Scott, I'll just say if I came in a Green Lantern costume I would probably more closely resemble Mogo the living planet Green Lantern. Still, the gangs all here.

Abin Sur later came "out" at the con, which suited Kyle Rayner juuuust fine. Coincidently that's also the premise of my GL fan fic. Again, I kid.

And finally a couple of pics of Andy "Owly" Runton doing a Owly as Green Lantern sketch for me and Mrs. Lefty.

This also serves as a reminder that I have a few sketches to show off later on this week.


The (Fan)Boys Are Back In Town

ahhhhhh, me loves me some Thin Lizzy. Anyway, I'm back at work and am very busy checking in three full boxes of serials, journals, and newspapers. So blogging will be light today, but hey if you folks are really nice, maybe I'll give you what you really want from my SDCC pics and show you some costumes folks decided to wear this year. Until then here's some short thoughts to ponder:

+ Where is the website that shows you what crossovers, tie-in, and continuations one needs to buy in order to have the full and complete run of a comic book. For instance, if one was to pick up the whole Green Lantern v.2 series, there should be a website that tells you that in addition to the comic itself, there are various Flash comics, big events, and tie-in to get a whole story. Someone please jump on this, cause I need it now, especially for those endless crossovers you find in 90's Marvel books.

+ In spite of the hokey sets, low production quality, and really bad cuts from sets to filmed sequences, Sandbaggers is such an awesome British series. I've been enjoying them on DVD from Netflix.

+ Yes I've been enjoying House of M. There I've said it.

+ I also felt dirty reading All Star Batman & Robin. Had to flip quickly through those ass shots as I was reading it out in public. The book does pick up in the second half, but geez did that bring back 1990s comics flashbacks.

+ Picked up lots of music rather cheaply during my vacation, including a couple that were on various Mixed Bag CDs. Man that Mixed Bag really did expose me to some great music that I now really dig.

+ I forgot to thank Mike Sterling for the really cool stuff he gave me when the Mrs. and I visited Ralph's. Thanks Mike, I've been enjoying them.

+ I'm not looking forward to our PG&E bill at the end of the month. You know it's been very hot when the A/C kicks back on at 1 AM. Not good.

+ Saw War of the Worlds during my vacation, and I really really dug it, but for reasons not related to performances, and the kind. It's the first "blockbuster" movie in which the lead protagonist doesn't become the central figure in defeating the Martians, but rather is a tale of simply surviving. It was what Independence Day should have been. Heck even the ending didn't feature some really crappy, romantic ending in which the ex-wife comes to her senses and gets back with "crazy guy" Tom Cruise. The visual look of the film was pretty cool as well.

+ Can someone fill me in on this whole comic blogosphere tiff that others have been making mention of, maybe I just didn't get the memo.

Back to the check-in, more later if I get caught up.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

San Diego Comic Con 2005 Part Four

In which Lefty accounts for everything he bought, and passes along a big secret.

What I bought at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con

From the Star Wars booth:
Holographic Princess Leia figure
Darth Tater

From the Mile High Comics booth:
Ultimate Fantastic Four Hardcover
Teen Titans v.2: Family Lost TPB

Elephant Eaters Comics booth:
And Then One Day #4

Ait/PlanetLar booth:
1000 Steps to World Domination

Gigantic Graphic Novels booth:
Dead West

Top Shelf booth:
Owly book 1
Owly book 2
Super F*ckers
Batman: Order of the Beasts
The Surrogates #1

About Comics booth:
Licensable Bear #1
Licensable Bear #2

Steve Lieber's booth:
Flytrap episode One

Atomic Basement booth:
Gone South #3

Booths I forget the name of:
X-Men #18
Flash Wizard 1/2 issue
The Last Sane Cowboy minicomic
The House That Wasn't Her minicomic
The Girl Who Talked minicomic

Now I'm going to let you in one a little secret. If you ever go to SDCC on Sunday, make sure you keep close to the Diamond booth near closing time, because they just want to get rid of their stock so they don't have to pack it up. Here's what I picked up for just $25 (five dollars each), with their retail price for comparison):

Scott Pilgrim vol.1 ($11.95)
JSA vol.7: Princes of Darkness ($19.95)
Earthboy Jacobus ($17.95)
Mage vol.1: The Hero Discovered ($29.95)
Blankets ($29.95)

Over a hundred dollars worth of trades for $25. It was my find of the Con.


San Diego Comic Con 2005 Part Three

In which Lefty gives snippets of news and shows more pictures...

"News" I found out about at SDCC:

+ Shazam shows up in Gotham City #37
+ Silver Surfer in Ultimate Nightmare
+ Black Panther has a major event in 2006
+ Black Panther/X-Men crossover in September
+ Mythos by Paul Jenkins and Paulo Rivera -origin stories of Marvel characters, again.
+ X-Factor returns (Nov) with Peter David and Ryan Sook. I loves me some Ryan Sook.
+ FF: The End. Two minis. One by Stan Lee, the other by Alan Davis.
+ Infinite Crisis #5 (FEB) unifying effect in DCU.
+ Infinite Crisis #6 (MAR) everything jumps ahead a year.
+ Infinite Crisis #7 (APR) we begin some answers.
+ Legion is already affected by Infinite Crisis.
+ Everyone in DCU will remember Infinite Crisis.
+ Psycho Pirate plays a role in Infinite Crisis.
+ Daughters of the Dragon from Jimmy Palmotti. Misty Knight. Khari Evans penciller. 70s feeling action film. Can't wait.
+ Marvel Team-Up #14 (NOV) -Spider-Man and Invincible...yeah.
+ FF/Iron Man: Big in Japan. Zeb Wells/Seth Fisher. Sound weird, but in a cool way.
+ She-Hulk #100. Why?
+ Moon Knight returns. Charlie Huston and David Finch. Feb 2006. Finally.
+ Astonishing X-Men. Whedon/Cassaday on until at least #25.
+ FF: First Family. Joe Casey/Chris Weston. In the same vein as Casey's Avengers mini.
+ King. Lameass Marvel marketing. No wonder the comics blogosphere gives Quesada a hard time.
+ Mark Waid exclusive with DC. Will be writing a new Brave & Bold. Sold!
+ Superman Chronicles...just like Batman Chronicles, just do the math.
+ Batman Year 100. Paul Pope. Yes, please.
+ Batman & the Monster. Matt Wagner. Batman Year 1.5. Looks pretty.
+ Batman: Hopelessness & Faith. Tom Fontana. Comic panels will not shake while reading. Loves me some Fontana.
+ Batman/Spirit. Jeph Loeb/Darwyn Cooke. Just the frosting...
+ The Spirit. Darwyn Cooke. The whole damn cake. Set in contemporary settings.
+ Days of Vengeance team will continue after Infinite Crisis. Detective Chimp rules all.

Here's some pics from several panels:

Two pics of Natalie Portman:

From a Marvel panel:
From left: Joes Quesada, John Stokes, Dan Buckley

From left: Reginald Hudlin, J. Michael Straczynski, Robert Kirkman, Joe Casey

From a DC panel:
From left: Marc Andreyko, Bill Willingham, Jeph Loeb

From left: Bill Willingham, Jeph Loeb, Geoff Johns, and Adam Kubert

From left: Bill Willingham, Jeph Loeb, Geoff Johns

From left: Ian Churchill, Marc Andreyko, Bill Willingham

From left: Dan Didio and Judd Winick

From a Spider-Man panel:
From left: Reginald Hudlin, Peter David

From left: J. Michael Straczynski, Reginald Hudlin


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

San Diego Comic Con 2005 Part Two

In which Lefty writes about that Comic Blogging panels and buffalo steps off the stage with plenty of pics.

First of all that comic blogging panel. Here they are in all their glory:

From the left; Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter) and Tom McLean (Variety)

From left; Tom McLean (Variety) and Augie DeBlieck, Jr. (CBR)

From left; Mark Evanier (News From Me) and Heidi MacDonald (The Beat)

Peter David showed up just a bit late, and I forget to take his pic. Anyway the panel was a little bit of a let down. It was nice that Mark let all the bloggers in the audience introduce themselves and where their blogs are located. However I had hoped that the panel would have had more time for questions, and also dived into some more in depth questions. Instead many of the questions just skimmed the surface. How much time you spend a day blogging, what gets you the most hits, etc, etc. I was hoping we'd get more involved in the relationship between how publishers market themselves to blogs (I did see the blogosphere patron saint, Larry Young sitting at the back of the room), why do comics publishers hate us...well some do. And what's the future of blogging in the comic realm. I was also hoping to hear more on webcomics, the mind-meld of podcasting and blogging, hell even moblogging. Also, it would have been cool to see how we smaller bloggers can market ourselves. Anyway, it was cool to meet Ian Brill in person, and the time went by too quickly. Also later at the con I ran into Tom Spurgeon at any panel that we both agreed not to mention we were actually at. My excuse was that I was resting me feet, and finished reading a Joe Sacco trade I was reading.

Anyway, how about some pictures?

Preview night was mostly used to get the lay of the land. This was going to be hard to get around con floor. Here's a few pics (with commentary) of a few booth banners:

Loved this banner of Hal Jordan.

Overall I liked the DC booth but it's not a great place to meet and greet pros. Sure if you're attempting to get Jim Lee to sign all your books you may have a chance. But the lines for others are chaotic, nearly unmanageable, and closed before you have a chance to jump from one pro to another. On the other hand, the artists are usually able to give you a head sketch...unlike, say it's marvelous competition. I can't wait to show you the really really cool Barry Allen sketch, by Phil Jimenez.

The Narnia/Disney booth was pretty cool, and they gave away very nice bags. I'm really looking forward to the movie.

Ghost Rider? Are you shitting me? Actually I did manage to see the small panel on Ghost Rider, in which actual con attendees show why Hall H should give away free vasectimies in between panels, based on how stupid, chauvinistic, or unprepared their questions are. Anyway, Peter Fonda is in this movie. Yeah, Peter "Captain America" Fonda is in this movie, thus making some Hollywood exec very happy and a little clever, and the rest of us shaking our heads.

Here's me looking like I ate the booth babe and posed by the bike.

Here's some pics from the upcoming Corpse Bride by the lovable Tim Burton:

This looks to be a pretty cool movie.

The absolute worst booth to try to walk through is the Star Wars booths, with it's endless lines, signings, and Con only exclusives. I did pick up a Holographic Leia which is be up on Ebay before Christmas. Anyway here's a Chewbacca made from Legoes:


Things You Don't Want to Hear While You're On Vacation

I was sitting watching the television while waiting for a pizza on our 18 hour Fresno lay-over. On the news I saw a guy who looked familiar to me. Turning up the sound, I discovered that he was the husband of a former co-worker of mine who just retired a couple months ago. The man in question was being arraigned for murdering his wife. I've known Mary Ann Larsen-Pusey for a long time, as a student, as the mother of a friend of mine, and as a colleague. She was fiercely liberal, fiery, passionate, and absolutely loved God, teaching, and education. She inspired me quite a bit, and in part lead me to stand up for the oppressed as we are called by God to do. I met her husband a couple of months ago at Mary's retirement, and they struck me as such a loving couple, eager to embark on a life after work. They were going to retire to an island somewhere. It's going to be hard returning to work on Monday.

Here's a link to a peek at her academic life here.

For the story go here. You may need to register to view the story.


Lefty Returns...Sort Of (Part One of ???)

We're back in Fresno for the night, so before we head out to San Francisco for the remainder of our vacation, I wanted to post about our time at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con. I read on a Warren Ellis email that Tom Spurgeon called this the Con without any Buzz (or something like that). He is so dead-on right. "Can't comment" was the standard retort from both DC and Marvel in their panels. It felt like Marvel was saving their heat for Chicago Wizard World. And Marvel managed to thoroughly piss me off with any marketing gimmick announcing a huge event/book/etc, simply called King. Having just walked in the door, I'm sure many think it either means Stephen King's writing a comic or that Black Panther is having a live changing event next year. Anyway, for a EIC that hates the way his company is handled on the comic blogosphere/internet, this is a lousy way to treat their fans. That being said, the only buzz coming from the SDCC that I witnessed was the announcement of new Spirit series, written by fan-darling Darwyn Cooke. Man that's such a great pairing.

So for lack of any significant news, let me instead give you a lot of pics with some commentary mixed in (maybe in different parts):

Day One -Ralph's Comic Corner

We made our way from Fresno to Ventura in record time, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. We entered Ralph's Comic Corner just as they were opening and introduced ourselves to the staff, who proceeded to bug us constantly....or maybe it was the other way around.

Here's a pic of Mike Sterling and Dorian:

I don't know where the one begins and the other one ends. Oh wait, wrong pic. Here we go:

I'll let you guess which one is which, but since both are out of continuity only Pyscho Pirate remembers which is which.

Ralph's Comic Corner is a very good comic store, complete with a gaming section, toy section, and very nice collection of back issues, and of course TPBs and new comics. I picked up Frank Cho's Zombie King on Mike's recommendation and also got a jump on some Firearm back issues. Here's some more picks of Mike and Dorian (and me):

Me and in the background guest appearance by Kid Chris. I consider myself Earth-One Chris, while Kid Chris will find himself destroyed by either the Anti-Monitor or Mike Sterling in a fit of righteous retribution.

Any the drive that whole day went well, and we made it into San Diego in record time. Preview night was really busy, but I managed to pick up a toy I've been wanting for a real long time:

Up later tonight...Con Costumes
Tomorrow...Artist and Panel Pics
This weekend...some sketches, including possibly my favorite all time sketch.

Bear with me as I get back to the grind posting, and bear in mind I'm also headed to Isotope for the Original Guidos shindig, and trip up to the Bay Area. Should be fun...hell it's always fun at Isotope, or so I hear. I managed to bump into James Sime (of Isotope) at San Diego. He always has an entourage, 'cause that's how he rolls.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And We're Off!

As my wife gets ready, I have time for a short post.

I have grand plans to update the blog every day while at SDCC...but it'll be either in the morning before going off to the Con, or sometime late when I get back. So keep checking the blog for con pics, con news, con finds, and con, con, con, con, con.

Oh, and maybe some posts on the San Diego Comic Con.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Final Countdown (1 Day and Counting)

What is it about Space Shuttle launches and comic book conventions. I remember going to A.P.E. a couple years ago when the Columbia went up and never came back. Here's hoping that tomorrow's launch goes a whole lot better.

Anyway, today's the day when I run around like a chicken with it's head chopped off. Shuttling my wife back to and from work, mailing out packages, oil change, last minute Target shopping, car wash, buying a new sketchbook, clothes shopping (and a surprise gift for the wife -she never even saw it coming). And now I'm in middle of packing.

Speaking off packing, taking stuff to be signed is always a tricky situation. In past years I've taken a lot of comics and hoped I could get a chance to have them signed. Most times than I could count, I often came home with more of them not signed. This year I'm just taking some TPBs and Hardcovers, because I like the feeling of cracking open a TPB and seeing a dedication there. This year, my most soft-after signature is trying to get Stan Lee to sign my copy of X-Men Marvel Masterworks HC. That would be very very cool, and I think I'll have my work cut out for me since he's only signing for an hour on Friday.

Anyway, despite spending so much time writing down what missing issues I want to fill, I think I'm not going to do a lot of comic bin diving. I want to spend my time picking up a few trades, getting sketches, and just enjoying the con. Besides if I don't spend my comic con cash, I may be able to treat myself to a U2 color screen Ipod for my b-day.

Looking forward to seeing some of those folks at Ralph's Comic Corner tomorrow as well. After dropping the dogs off at the kennel at 7AM, it'll be a mad dash to Ventura. Hopefully we'll get there in time for lunch. Which reminds me, I gotta look up how to get from Ralph's to the SDCC.


Monday, July 11, 2005

The Final Countdown (2 Days And Counting)

It is an official scramble to take care of all of the odds and ends before this fanboy and his wife dash off to Ventura, San Diego, and later San Francisco. Over the weekend I spent hours organizing my comic collection. I separated my DC comics from my Marvel comics, with a few boxes of Indy (i.e. not the big two, sorry Dark Horse). I took note of the issues I wanted to find, trying to finish off my Green Lantern series, trying to finally finish off my X-Men (the 90's relaunch). And I took a quick trip to my local shop, who recently restocked their back issue bins to finally finish off my Amazing Spider-man (circa the John Byrne relaunch)run.

So that brings me to today and tomorrow. Today is being spent cleaning the house so that our cat can enjoy it's cleanliness while we're gone (and our homesitter as well). Later it's a dive through the Overstreet to see if how long some series ran, 'cause lord knows I'd hate to pick up issues 0-17 or Firearm, only to find out I've only got half the series. Also later its time to pay bills that will come due in our absence, and double check the SDCC website for any updates, and start plotting what "exclusives" I want to seek out.

Tomorrow will be plenty busy as well with the majority of the day spent making sure the Camry is ready to put some miles on her. And to make sure clothes are washed and packed. Oh, and to buy another spare battery for the digital camera.

It's actually happening, over the weekend I had one of those moments when I get all giddy inside. I love finding new stuff, love walking the aisles before its gets way too crowded and hot and sometimes smelly.

I guess it would be wise to ask if anyone have any parking tips in case the lot underneath the con fills up. Any help?


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Caution: Drunk Man Posting

Hey I never said I was a perfect Christian. Speaking of which, check out the priceless post by Greg Burgas. He has this excellent post on why Christians, at least conservative Christians shouldn't be in politics. Greg NEEDS to read him some Stanley Hauerwas, because I think that would add further fuel to the fire. Hauerwas basically suggests that our American churches are not so good at turning out good Christians, have perfected the Art of turning out good Americans. Fuck America, follow God is how it ultimately plays out for me, but being the big asshole I am I am thankful that I can say that without being rounded up and made to disappear. Ultimately my loyalty sides with God and not country, and the same would be true if I was Japanese, British, or Canadian. Any I digress...

The purpose of posting is that you should never give a intoxicated man a laptop with internet access while he's watching Live 8 very very loud. Ebay shopping is way to tempting and before you know you are locked into a bidding war for a Maroon 5 CD, that later I'll end up actually singing really loud and lousy in the car on the way to work. Thankfully, I'm not drunk enough to consider picking up a the Rob Thomas CD, I do have SOME limits to my depravities after all.

Though I did bite the bullet and picked up those damn House of M comics, it's crack for fanboys. I'm freebasing Bendis.

P.S. Robbie Williams makes me question my sexuality. Either that I've had too much Bison Chocolate Stout.


Lefty's Weekend Three Questions

Note the scheduling change. Three questions is now moved to the weekend, thus forcing me to post when I'm not working (the horror, the horror, the horror). I'm watching the rebraodcast of Live 8 (I have to hand it to MTV, they actually made good by me, and is doing a great job of giving me what I wanted, lots of music, no commericals or annoying commentators), so in that vein, here is this week's 3 questions:

1.) Did you get a change to hear or see Live 8 last week or this week? If so, what was your favorite performance? What was the worst?

2.) Did you happen to watch Live Aid when it was originally put on? Hpw about the recent DVD release? If so what was your favorite performance? What was the worst?

3.) What was the best outdoor concert/gathering/festival in your honest opinion?


Friday, July 08, 2005

Lefty's Weekly Top Ten

Ah the last working day before my vacation. I'm running behind on my post, so expect some catching up today as I wrap up real life work stuff. For now here's this week's Top Ten:

1.) Firefly DVDs While I'm not attending the Serenity panel at SDCC, I figured I'd run through this short-lived series before heading to Geekfest 2005 (aka San Diego Comic Con). The show was a little boring and hard to get into, but I found that by the third or fourth episode I started to get it, and enjoy it. I think the show really shines when it's working on some of the more light-hearted stuff (like the Merc finding out he's a Robin Hood idol on a planet). Fun stuff. I should wrap this up by Sunday.

2.) 30 Days (FX) A reality series by documentarian Morgan Spurlock. This series has just been so dang enjoyable, informative, and entertaining. Basically a person lives out a situation for 30 days. Topics have included living for 30 days on minimum wage, weight loss/beauty supplements for 30 days, and a Christian living as a Muslim for 30 days. I've yet to watch the latest episode, a straight man living in a gay community for 30 days. What I really like is that they try to pick up average, representative people, and stay far away from extreme types that some reality shows seem to seek out. Hands down, right now my favorite thing on TV.

3.) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling I'm about halfway through the book, and so far on target to being wrapped up by the time the new book gets released next week I've forgotten how enjoyable this book is. I dig the whole underground training stuff.

4.) Chicago DVD Gosh, this had been sitting in our DVD collection for a few years, but never got around to watch it. Well this week, I was purposely avoiding playing Xbox, so I popped this in, and I have to say I loved it. Of course I'll say that because of my weird Renee Zwellenger fixation, but also my not so well known Queen Latifah fixation I never knew I had. Man she's has a terrific voice. Fortunately this madness hasn't made me seek out that awful Taxi movie.

5.) Daredevil vs. Punisher #1 (Marvel) Let's get the bad stuff out of the way: This miniseries should have been in black and white. The coloring detracted from the grittiness of the story. Whoever, this book knocked my socks off. I liked the little things about the book, like Punisher not understanding how Daredevil can pick up on his whereabouts so easily. How Punisher finds inner peace in his destruction (not something I endorse, but it's a nice character study). I'm looking forward to see how the rest of this miniseries plays out.

6.) MI-5 (a.k.a. Spooks) volume 2 DVDs Man I so didn't want this collection to end. Season 2 out-performed season 1. I can't wait for the next season, because this one ends in one of the best spy episodes I've ever seen on TV. Simple fantastic! I really can't say enough about this great series.

7.) Indigo Girls CDs I just ordered the new Indigo Girls CD, Rarities, the other day. SO while I wait for that to arrive, I've been listening to some of the albums that I have, and have really been re-enjoying them. I really do need to get some of the CDs missing in my collection, particularly some of the early stuff, which I really dig. I'm listening to Nomads*Indians*Saints right now. Very relaxing music.

8.) Omega the Unknown (Marvel) I wrapped up this series this week, and even ran out and grabbed the two Defenders issues that really wraps up the story. I was a little let down by how it wrapped up, and was a little rushed. I enjoyed Gerber's work on the series, but it felt a bit uneven when Steven Grant wrapped up the storyline in the Defenders issues. However I did get a kick from seeing letters from Tony Isabella and Kurt Busiek (who even back then was always right).

9.) The White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan" About once each day I end up listening to this fantastic CD. I dig that "rough around the edges" sound, with the tone of Jack's guitar. The songs invoke lots of different typed of American music, and the horrendous drumming by Meg White is infectious.

10.) Foo Fighters "In Your Honor" This double CD has finally managed to climb it's way into my Top Ten. It's taken a while for me to really dig this record, but lately I've been grooving to the softer stuff at work, and the harder stuff in the car. I just wish my copy didn't have all the copyright protection, because I like to make mixes of stuff that I do own to listen to, obviously not to trade or anything. Also my case was also designed to break down when purchased to everytime I open it the CDs like to drop out of the case.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Final Countdown (6 days and counting)

With only two days at work until the start of my vacation, I have begun the mad scramble to make sure I leave nothing behind that can't wait for 2 weeks. At the same time, visions of San Diego Con are dancing in my head. I'm starting to visit websites with survival guides to the Con. Here are a few:

Sequential Tart's The Official Comic Con Survival Guide -which reminds me that it's time to get new shoes.

and the best con survival guide is at Tom Spurgeon's site. Reflect and study upon this young padawan, tho' I would add to the list to find an inner "happy place" when trying to navigate through the con floor on Friday and Saturday.

I also ordered a pair of two way radios, so my wife and keep in touch if need be. It's something we'll use not just at the Con but at home ("Honey I've fallen into my recliner, and I can't get up. Can you get me a frosty beverage? Over.")

Well, I'm off to get new (and comfortable) shoes.


Lefty Reviews: Drive

Nate Southard
Shawn Richter
Frequency Press
ISBN: 0-9762167-0-1

It's no surprise that Ait/PlanetLar's Larry Young introduces Drive. Sharing many characteristics of many of AiT/PlanetLar's books, Drive has a killer concept, a high-octane action adventure, and a story that is compelling. Drive, published by Frequency Press, is a fun read overall, with a few speedbumps. Let's talk about what's good here. The story captured my attention from the very start, and left me wanting more. The story reminds me a little of the biblical Job, taking an average Joe and then kicking him in the ass real hard. I enjoyed the plot twists and the ending. It's a great summer blockbuster in graphic novel form.

That said, they major problem with Drive is the art. First and foremost, for a book to be set in Las Vegas, you never get the sense of the city. Some of panels offer the barest glimpse of anything resembling gambling Mecca. I was turned off by a lot of Richter's art which at times is detailed and then sparse and rough the next. Even the cover, while the design is cool, features an out of proportion car in a bizarre angle. Many times in the book some of the proportions of the characters or vehicles just seem a bit off. In his defense, Richter scored points for his characters. I didn't become confused at any time with knowing who was who.

Nate's storytelling works well. I found just a little bit of his dialogue fell a little flat and forced at times. However, I really got the sense of the character's motivations and back story. Southard invested me to the characters and I wanted the best for Brian and his fictional friends. I also wanted a bit more on the bad cops, and fleshed out the mobster just a bit.

So all in all, Drive offers a thrill-ride in black and white with a few significant problems.


London Bombings

I couldn't help thinking how similar real life got to Greg Rucka's fictional version in his novel Queen & Country: A Gentlemens Game.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the injured and the families of those who lost their lives.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Final Countdown (7 days and counting)

Planning for the San Diego Comic Con is like deciding which holes to plug in your leaking boat. Every year I spend hours pouring over the panels, choosing which I'd most like to go do, and then when the day arrives, I find I don't make it to all the panels I wanted to see, and end up in the massive convention floor. This year will probably be no exception, although there are several panels that I had to choose over another I wanted to attend. My wife will also be posting the panels she wants to attend, and when she does I'll provide a link there. I'm just hoping she attends that Harry Potter movie panel, 'cause I might want to sneak in there to check it out, or at least receive a detailed report. Here's what I plan on attending, along with some caveats:

Thursday, July 14th

12:00-1:30 Comic-Con Self-Publishing School 101: Getting Started (Room 2) There were several panels on self-publishing, but for where I'm at on my own comics I'm working on, this meets me where I'm at. I am begrudgingly passing up the Batman panel that starts about a half hour earlier, but my plans are to linger near the back of the room for that for a 1/2 hour, and then make my way to the noon panel.

4:00-5:00 Anthologies Take Flight (Room 3) See that huge whole in my schedule, that's so I can spend loads of time on the convention floor. I'm not that gung-ho about this panel, so if I'm having a terrific time on the con floor, I'll most likely skip this. I'm also planning on skipping the cool Bruce Campbell panel, which if I'm having a lousy time on the con floor I'll decide at the last minute to sneak into.

5:30-7:00 DC Comics: Green Lantern (Room 5AB) Fanboy I am, this is one panel I'm not missing. I'm a big GL fan, not obsessive like say H.E.A.T., but I dig the characters. Plus Geoff Johns will be there, whose script pattern I've sort of adopted in my own writing.

7:00-10:00 William Messner-Loebs Benefit Auction (Room 9) This will be one of those things where I'll attend depending on how good my wife and I feel, and if I want to spend some money for a good cause.

Friday, July 15th

10:30-11:30 Marvel Comics: The World Has Changed: House of M: X-Men (Room 5AB) You know it has to be important, look at how many colons they put in there. I haven't been following the House of M thingie, but I'll flip through issue #3 which is gonna "tear the internet in half" supposedly, but it's the first big Marvel presentation, so there's bound to be some good news and info amidst all the marketing.

12:30-1:30 25th Anniversary of Teen Titans (Room 5AB) This is another panel I may skip if the con floor calls to me like a Siren to a sailor. I secretly hope that they'll announce that they'll go ahead an publish that Teen Titans swinging 60's project they shelved some time back.

1:30-2:30 Vertigo: Looking Over the Edge (Room 5AB) There's only a few reasons why I want to be at this panel, Y the Last Man news, and to find out what Brian Wood is doing for DC. That being said, I may duck out and find out about Y the Last Man at the Brian K. Vaughn panel.

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on Brian K. Vaughan (Room 3) I like Brian K. Vaughan, so I decided to go to this panel, versus the "too kool for school" Mike Mignola panel. Do I have to give up my comic blogger's ID card? At least Heidi MacDonald won't be at the Hellboy panel, 'cause she'll be busy interviewing Brian K. Vaughan. Maybe we'll finally settle just how his name is spelt correctly, in trying to find how his name is spelled, about half of the internet spells it Vaughn, the other half Vaughan...hey maybe THAT's what splits the internet in half! I may be tempted to rush over to the Star Wars Hasbro thing to take a gander at the cool toys that will be hitting the shelves, if things get a little too info retread for me.

Okay here's where my biggest problem is and I'm still on the fence:

4:45-6:15 Lucasfilm Presents Star Wars Spectacular (Hall H)
5:30-7:00 DC Comics: Crisis Counseling with Dan DiDio (Room 5AB)

If only I could go to both. Say what you will about my taste, I'm enjoying the whole Infinite Crisis stuff, although that is a terrible name for the series. However, I'm anxious to hear what little gas may be in the Star Wars tank. With news of a TV show, I'm hoping to get a little more info, but when I went to last year's Star Wars event, we got a ton of fluff, and a little morsel of cool news, so I'm siding a bit more towards the DC panel. What to do, what to do? Any help here?

Oh and to add more craziness, I'm passing over a Boondocks panel AND Justice League Unlimited panel. I think no matter what I end up choosing, I'm going to regret not going to any of the others.

8:30-11:00 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Every year I say I'm going to go to this, but never do. Let me say it again, I'm going to go to this.

Saturday, July 16th

The big media day, and with few exceptions, I'll be trying to keep to comics related stuff, and let my wife see the stars (hopefully with camera in tow).

Last year's highlight was being able to get a sneak peek at Lost. This time around, I have a feeling that my wife will check out that panel, while I get me inner-geek on and catch a sneek peek at:

10:30-11:30 Warner Bros. Presents: Superman Returns (Hall H) Okay, I wouldn't be surprised if we see most of the cast here, and especially some early sneek peak footage. This is one of the few movie panels I'll allow myself.

12:00-1:30 Marvel Comics Cup O'Joe (Room 6B) These Cup O' Joes are always enjoyable, because it's more or less an open forum, although you do get a few "it's too early to say" or "I can't comment on that". Also, I think Quesada tries to pace out the big news throughout the Marvel panels, so I expect some new announcements.

1:30-3:00 DC Comics: A Whole New World This should be fun. I'm hoping for some news on Infinite Crisis and how the DCU will look after it's over. I'm sure we'll find out what the Kuberts are working on. Since the DCU seems more appealing to me than Marvel, I'm really looking forward to this.

5:15-6:15 Universal Presents: King Kong (Hall H)
6:30-7:00 New Line Cinema: Tenacious D (Hall H)
I purposely left room in my schedule so I can walk the can floor yet again, and then wait in line for a decent seat to get a look at Peter Jackson's King Kong. With the blurb being so short, I'm expecting some major surprises, and of course Jack Black will be there, after all he's performing right afterwards. That's another reason for me to find some good seats. I loves me some Tenacious D, so I'm going to be there. This should be hecka fun.

7:00-10:00 CBLDF Benefit Auction (Room 8) That reminds me, I'm overdue to renew my membership. These events are always pretty fun, although I love the sketch-offs more.

Sunday, July 17th

I'm leaving a lot of room to see if I can any deals on the con floor. I suspect my wife will be quite busy since this is Kid's Day and with her being a teacher and all.

11:30-12:30 Marvel and Activision: Making Comics Into Games (Room 6A) I'm mildly interested in this, so I may or may not attend. I do hope to hear the words Xbox Live thrown about, because I only pick up games I can play online, unless they are under $20. Just a general rule for me. That Ultimate Spider-man game does look pretty cool.

1:00-2:00 Marvel Comics: Spider-Man:The Other (Room 5AB) I'm skipping the Narnia panel for this, so it darn well better be cool. I have a feeling my wife will be at the Narnia panel, so I'm hoping for a full report later. It's interesting, this Spider-man panel doesn't look like Joe Quesada will be there.

And the rest of my day will be spend walking the con floor.

Update: the comic webblogs panel wasn't on my programming print-out, I am going to that, so it looks like I'll skip the Flight panel, and waltz into the Green Lantern panel a bit late.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Get Them While They're Hot

Just wanted to shamelessly plug my Ebay auctions the majority end today, but more will be on the way soon. Proceeds from the Ebay auction go to the SALTS:Send A Lefty to SDCC.

Will someone please take that Jessica Simpson CD off my hands? For the love of Pete.


The Final Countdown (8 days and counting)

With apologies to hair-band Europe, in between the usual posts, memes, reviews, I'll also be getting ready for my two week vacation that will take me to Ventura (Ralph's Comic Corner), San Diego Comic Con, Temecula, San Francisco (checking out Isotope's new digs), and my old haunts in Fairfield, CA. For today I have a few goals:

1. Email a local friend to make sure they can watch our house and cat while we are on vacation.

2. Email Mike at Ralph's (or Dorian) to see if we make it down to Ventura on New Comics Day, if they'll have time to meet bloggers not from ACAPCWOVCCAOE: ASSOCIATED COMICS AND POP CULTURE WEBLOGGERS OF VENTURA COUNTY, CA AND OUTLYING ENVIRONS.

3. Print out directions from Fresno to Ralph's Comic Corner then from Ralph's to Temecula, and Temecula to the San Diego Convention Center.

4. Begin looking through the panels to see which ones I hope to hit.

5. Wait to find out if there are WiFi areas at the con so I can do a little bit of "live" blogging.

6. Check to see how much room I have on my photo card. Make sure Mrs. Lefty has film for her Canon.

7. Start looking for a cheap, but comfortably place to stay in or around San Francisco. It'll probably end up near the airport, but I've had good luck with Emeryville in the past.

Tomorrow's post: What Panels I'll Be Attending, What "exclusive" stuff I want to hunt down.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Send Mr. & Mrs. Lefty to SDCC Ebay Sale

Well, without getting too much into why, I currently have stuff up (and more on the way this weekend) on Ebay. Let's just say that the disability check we were expecting to make up for Mrs. Lefty's time off was a small, SMALL fraction of what we had expected. So Ebay to the rescue!!! We are still going to the San Diego Comic Con, but want some fun money to take with us, so if anything floats your boat, bid early and often as they say. You can see what we have up at Ebay at Items for sale by Leftybrown.

We'll also be adding some books, a few actions figures, and of course more comics over the weekend.

For a laugh, check out the description I put in for the Jessica Simpson CD/DVD we're selling (yeah that's right I bought a Jessica Simpson CD). See it here.

So have fun, and remember if you win an item, mention the blog post to me, and I'll cut you a break on shipping.


Lefty's Friday Three Questions

Wow, what I crazy Friday it's been so far. I usually have my 3 questions up and running before 8 AM, but when I got to my work this morning, I discovered a big water leak here in the library, which besides fire and page-eating bugs sets us librarian into panic mode. Thankfully, the damage happened in a room full of withdrawn books, and extra shelving, and the water damage came from an a/c unit and not I'm attempting to get my day back in stride. So without further adieu, here's this week's 3 questions:

1.) What's the strangest, weirdest thing you've purchased off of Ebay? Was it a gift, or something for yourself?

2.) If you got to turn a TV show, movie, or book into a comic book series what would it be, and who would you cherry-pick to write and draw it?

3.) Name your top three favorite action/sci-fi/fantasy flicks.