Sunday, February 29, 2004

Oscar Night Play by Play

Best Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins
Best Art Direction: LOTR:ROTK
Best Animated Feature Film: Finding Nemo

I am 3 for 3 on my pics so far. A semi-decent film-montage with the funniest moment when Micheal Moore appeared in ROTK to protest the fictional war.

Best Costume Design: LOTR:ROTK
Best Supporting Actress: Renee Zellweger

Um, 5 for 5. I'm breezing through the easy categories. Watch out for the short subjects, documentaries, and such to break my roll. By the way my original Oscar choices were posted on Jan 27th, and be found here.

Best Live Action Short Film: Two Soldiers
Best Animated Short Film: Harvie Krumpet

See what I mean, I'm now 5 for 7. I loved the Cold Mountain songs. I picked up the Soundtrack last Christmas and have enjoyed it up until the orchestral tracks. And, I have this strange fixation with Annie Lennox. Can't explain it but she has grace, voice, and presence.

Best Visual Effects: LOTR:ROTK

I'm now 6 of 8. Still doing pretty good. Right about now I'm wishing I filled out all those Oscar guesses contests. Note to self: See more Blake Edwards films. Man I miss those Pink Panther films, and its been forever since I've seen Victor/Victoria.

Best Make-Up: LOTR:ROTK

I am 7 of 9...only without the Borg implants. I AM SUCH A NERD.

Best Sound Mixing: LOTR:ROTK
Best Sound Editing: Master and Commander

I am 9 for 11. For those keeping count, LOTR:ROTK has so far won 5 oscars, and we still have several to go. Mystic River has won 1, and that was for acting, which ROTK was pretty much shut out of, my precious. And 13 categories to go...

Best Documentary Short Subject: Chernobyl Heart
Best Documentary: The Fog of War

I am now 9 for 13. I had a feeling I chose wrong on the Documentary. Great speech by Errol Morris, and short to the point.

Best Original Score: LOTR:ROTK
Best Film Editing: LOTR:ROTK

I am now 10 for 15. So far ROTK has now won 7 Oscars. Most wins in one night is Ben Hur with 11 Oscars. ROTK was nominated for 11 awards, so far they have won in every category nominated in. Let's see if the evening holds out for them, and if they can tie with Ben Hur. Without a doubt it's a nice night to believe in Hobbits.

Best Original Song: Into the West; LOTR:ROTK
Best Foreign Language Film: The Barbarian Invasions
Best Cinematography: Master and Commander

Hilarious pairing of Will Ferrell and Jack Black singing the 'Gone On Too Long" orchestral movement. Del Taco just got a huge amount of free advertising. Classic Oscar history. Someone cast these guys in a movie together. I am now 11 for 18. It's about 61%, which is just about the right percentage for my past Oscar predictions. One of the people behind the Barbarian Invasion said, "We're so thankful that Lords of the Rings were not nominated in this category." -Great Line, will be on all the morning news shows tomorrow. And now we start to head into the big awards...

Best Adapted Screenplay: LOTR:ROTK
Best Original Screenplay: Lost in Translation

Geez, they are a juggernaut this evening. Let's just hope Peter avoids any "I'm King of the World!" type speeches. I am now 13 for 20, or 65%. We are now in the home stretch, let's see if I can get my percentage up into the 70% range.

Best Director: Peter Jackson; LOTR:ROTK
Best Actress: Charlize Theron, Monster

I am now 15 for 22. 68% and climbing, will the Best Actor prove my final stumbling block. Will LOTR:ROTK win in EVERY single category it was nominated in? Find out after Led Zeppelin shills for Cadillac.

Best Actor: Sean Penn, Mystic River

Yep, fouled up by Best Actor. Sean Penn really does deserve it, I'll have to see Mystic River on DVD...perhaps I'll make a miserable evening it and watch The Hours along with it. I am now 15 or 23, or 65% right.

Best Film: LOTR:ROTK

"It's a clean sweep", Steven Spielberg. That will be the first thing shown on the Today Show as they start tommorrow's program. Return of the King does it! Wow, what an evening. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won every single category, tying Ben Hur for most Oscars won in an evening. I round the evening correctly guessing 16 of 23 categories, making me 70% right (well if you round up from 69.5%). Yea! Man, eleven Oscars! And now everyone waits for his next film, King Kong. Good night.


Friday, February 27, 2004

Lieberman was right!

Oh Joe, you were right. Hollywood does need to be careful about violence in their movies. Right now there's a movie that has been marketed towards families that spends over an hour showing a character being beaten, whipped, bloodied, even having nails hammered into his hands. It's alarming how many of our children are getting in, even encouraged to see this R rated film. In fact many people has said that this film should have been rated NC-17 for it's extreme violence. Roger Ebert has said that it's the most violent film he's ever seen, and he's seen a lot of films. Please Joe help us, save our children from the Hollywood cultural elites that have forgotten how to make family films and instead pass off these sick bloodfests as cinematic epics.


Seriously, I won't be seeing The Passion of the Christ. I'm a fan of action films. Yes, mister John Q. Pacifist has a fetish for action films. BUT, I have my limits. Paying $7 to see Jesus brutally tortured will NOT make me feel good, will not make me come to a greater understanding of my faith and the wonderful gift that is grace and atonement in Christ. I worry that this film is becoming a sort of litmus test for Christian faith in America. I do wonder how much of the resurrection is shown in the flick. Anybody who has seen the film please feel free to drop me a line about that. A co-worker was saying to me that he's surprised that evangelical Christians aren't up in arms over the film, especially since there was a large distrust of Catholics by many evangelicals. Especially over that Catholics left Christ on the crucifix. I grew up with a little of that distrust, and heard much of it as an undergraduate at a Christian college. So now there's definitely one film I won't have seen for next year's Oscars. And you just know that'll be nominated just because of the subject matter.


Scenes from a Mall, or John Edwards rally by the Food Court

So my buddy and me arrived at the local mall a few minutes before 4 when John Edwards was supposed to give a speech. I didn't expect him to be on time, politicians exist in a completely different time zone. Shaking hands, kissing babies, signing posters, and dealing with weather can all snowball into late schedules. So after bearing through an hour and a half of the most inane "energetic" speaker, who tried to get people to start chanting a multi-syllabic "John Edwards, John Edwards"...which by the way made the crowd appear uninterested. The funniest part is the speaker asked for a girl who was there to sing America the Beautiful, and the girls starts by saying, "Please join me in singing our national anthem."

So anyway, at about 5:30 John Edwards arrives, shaking hands, giving high fives, and giving his thumbs up. The crowd at this point was probably about 500 (down for the roughly 800 that was there at 4 PM) but they were fired up. Edwards gave an impressive speech, most of which we've heard on CSPAN before, but with a couple new elements I haven't heard, like fighting poverty, having a campaign that offers hope (Clinton-esque), and a shout out to Dean supporters. In fact he was on a full on press for Dean supporters by making mention of Dean at the beginning of his speech. His use of body language was very good. The critics are right, Edwards is a very dynamic speaker. I think in all the speech lasted about 20 minutes, and then it was back to shaking hands, signing posters, posing for pics and then off to Sacramento. Short but sweet, but his mere visit changed people's minds and won him some more votes. Most of the news were good for him, the only exception was the local Fox affiliate which seemed to go out of its way to play down Edward's visit, his themes, and his crowd draw.

And unfortunately all of my pics are too blurry.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

'Arresting' Johns on Blackstone Ave

This late afternoon I'll be attending a rally/gathering for John Edwards in a mall in here in Fresno. And you thought mall tours went out with Tiffany in the 80s. I will be taking my digital camera and hope to take some pics. We are supposed to get some wild weather today, so that may delay his speech. I'll be sure to share my thoughts on the event here on the blog.


Last Wednesday Top Ten...

for February:

1. Xbox Live -Finally set up the wireless network at home, and now I'm playing Jedi Knight, Mechwarrior, and other games with people from around the country, and getting my ass kicked.
2. Losers TPB (DC) -Wow!I picked up this comic book trade on a lark, the price was good, but man is this book great. A group of military men believed to be dead, doing espionage to get their lives back. Great read, highly recommend it!
3. Indigo Girls "All That We Let In" -nice CD, getting back to the more harmony-laden, acoustic guitar sound of their earlier album. Plus additional brownie points for cartoonist Jaime Hernandez artwork.
4. Danger Mouse's "The Grey Album" -I'm not a major fan of rap, but there are a few things I do listen to, and I recently got my hands of this. It's a remix of Jay Z's Black Album with samples of the Beatles White Album creating a fascinating collage of music. I do however feel ashamed every time I hear the n-word, and the b-word.
5. 24 season three -high octane television. I have a nagging feeling Jack won't be back for season 4. Say it ain't so.
6. Survivor All-Stars -great season, here's hoping the rumor mill will ultimately be proven false.
7. Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco -This IS a civil rights issue. Newsom will be judged by history as being on the right side of democracy allowing all citizens to marry, whether they be gay or straight.
8. Star Wars Jedi Knight -Fun game, mostly playing it online. I love been able to play out my childhood fantasy and be like Luke.
9. Javawava -Fresno's best coffee shop. Free wireless internet, global exchange coffee, and great breakfast. Puts the corporate coffee shops to shame! Say hi to owners Anthony and Dane.
10. The Darkness "Permission to Land" -the CD and the band keeps popping back into my head. Must be my love for singing in falsetto. I love their fun spectacle.


Monday, February 23, 2004

New Bright Shiny Object

Atrios, Pen Elayne, Rooks Rant, Ntodd, and a host of other bloggers now have trackback. This is one bandwagon I have jumped on, and as you can see I now have implemented trackback on my blog. Thanks Haloscan.


Treading Spaces

I've changed my mind. It makes for good sound bytes, saying we should send George W. to Mars. Bush being more concerned with sending jobs out of our country, even out of this world as far as to Mars. That scores points politically, but I do want us to send people to Mars, colonize and research the moon, and explore space. Funding for NASA is such a small slice of Federal funding, surely we can cut a little from Defense. We should strive to reach out beyond our world, and see what's out there.

Now don't let this sound like I trust George W. to get us there. His administration has done its utmost to stymie real scientific research, even going so far as "prettying up" papers that reflect bad on the White House and it's policies. I don't see this happening if we had a John Edwards in the White House. Also under someone OTHER than BushCo we wouldn't have to worry about sending people to Mars at the expense of social programs that help people on Firma Terra make a better tomorrow for themselves and their community.

Let's see what out there. Let's send a manned mission to Mars.


Friday, February 20, 2004

The Wednesd....errr FRIDAY Top Ten

Next week I'll delve into more heady stuff, but for now, the Top Ten for this week:

1. Chewbacca, our new Dell Inspirion 5100. Our first laptop, and nice and ready for Wizard World L.A. I named it.
2. Star Wars: The New Jedi Order The Final Prophecy. Almost done, and I'm relieved that this book is much better than the last five installments. One book left after this and this New Jedi Order storyline is over.
3. KFCF 88.1 in Fresno. Fresno local Pacific Network radio station. I'm not a great lover of newsradio, but I've been enjoying what I've been listening. Think it's time to become a donor as well.
4. 24 Season Three. I have to admit that after reading rumors on another site, knowing what's coming takes a little wind out of the sails, but it's still very enjoyable.
5. Angel Season Five. I just started watching towards the end of last season and this has been one of my guilty pleasures...and now it'll be ending as well.
6. Survivor All-Stars. So far the two people I have small bets on are still in, but I'm really nervous because so far the "leaked" rumor has been pretty much right. I need to remind myself NOT to read rumors.
7. Derek Trucks Band 12/31/03 Charlotte, NC. Great show by one of my favorite bands. They do a great cover of Dylan's Isis. Volunteered Slavery is such a great song. Can't wait to see the band live in May.
8. Law & Order Criminal Intent. It's my favorite L&O show. Det. Goren is a modern day Sherlock Holmes.
9. Diet Pepsi Vanilla. Finally, a diet soda that I can actually enjoy drinking.
10. Y the Last Man. Going on two years since it's started and still telling some great stories. The current storyline is darker and compelling.


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Goodbye Howard Dean. Though I never got to vote for you at all.

Well the guy I had hoped would become our next President is expected to quit the Democractic race today. That leaves only two viable candidates, John Edwards and John Kerry. I am now joining the John Edwards camp. John Edwards has been my second choice for President for a while now, and now I will do my best to help make him the Democratic nominee. He has the ideas, charisma, and skills to beat George Bush and take back the White House for the good of all Americans.

With that being said, I will miss Dean. In 2000 I left the Democratic party and went with Nader. Dean brought me back. While he is a centrist, his populist message inspired me and made me realize that I do have a stake in the future of our democracy. He was the first candidate I have ever given money to support. Most of all he woke up the slumbering beast of the DNC, and but the fire in the belly of Democrats nationwide. Because of Dr. Howard Dean, we will win back the White House.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Liberal Coalition Blogaround

Here's what other in the LC are writing, please check 'em out:

the farmer over on Corrente used the anagram server to find hidden messages in the Bush 2004 campaign, "Steady Leadership in a Time of Change". You'll see the answers here.

Scout over at And Then.. writes about the audacity of Bushco suggesting that Kerry is in the pocket of special interests. Read about it here. And Then... is one of my favorite reads, check it out.

Guy Andrew Hall, at Rook's Rant has a great post on his feel on why Bushco will lose the 2004 election. I like the sports analogy Guy. Read it here.

Mustang Bobby over on Bark Bark Woof Woof has hit it once again on the nose with his reading of the gay marriage ceremonies in San Francisco. Read his thoughts here. I have to say I was struck by the pictures I saw of a line that wound around the block of San Francisco's city hall.

echidne writes about women being the swing vote this year. Read about it here. My question is when it be time for the fat, comic book reading, Allman Brothers listening, Christian swing vote? The year of the Chris?

Alex at SoonerThought reports on an Oklahoma republican, Rep. Mike O'Neal, being investigated for sexual battery. Read about it.

andante writes about Healthcare over at Collective Sigh. Read about it here. I really feel that we Americans will get a single payer health care sometime in the next ten years. The reason why? Businesses are being hammered by rising health care costs, and will finally become a powerful voice in bringing a single payer system to reality.

archy on his site proves that Al Franken is a lying liar himself. Read about his discovery here.

My favorite post for the week goes to edwardpig who writes on the effect of gays getting married has had on him. This is classic stuff. Read it here.

And if you have the time, read other posts by the folks on the Liberal Coalition. There's lots of good stuff to ruminate on, and I've only written about a thin slice of it due to time.


Friday, February 13, 2004

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Fellow Christian and Brother in Christ John Ashcroft is causing more trouble. This time he's trying to gets his hands on medical records of patients who have had abortions in a few cities. I am pro-life, but I also respect a patient's right to privacy. I think if we truly want to make "every child wanted" and really be pro-life, we shouldn't be chasing down doctors like thugs, or scaring women into seeking out less safe ways of aborting. I believe that we can be better stewards of Christ's love for life by transforming our society, creating a place where every child is planned and wanted, providing education and free use of birth control, and open dialogue between parents, children, and doctors. We will reduce the killing of fetuses by empowering people's lives with a living wage, affordable health care, and an environment which supports and cares for one another rather than tearing each other down. Help, health, and hope. John Ashcroft needs to also remember that he is free to be a Christian in America, but as Attorney General he needs to stop his religious crusade on those who don't share his same beliefs.


Thursday, February 12, 2004

Shot Through the Heart and You're to Blame, You Give Love a Bad Name!

Did you just feel that?

In San Francisco two lesbians, ages 79 and 83, were married after being together 51 years.

Somehow this is supposed to be a threat to the millions of heterosexual marriages, including my own. I haven't figured out why yet. I always thought divorce was a bigger threat to marriage than worrying if Adam can now claim Steve as a dependent on his tax form. Here's the thing, if you feel that homosexuality is wrong, fine. No one is forcing you to change that view. Churches that view homosexuality as wrong, will never be forced to marry same-sex couples. Never, ever, ever. That's separation of church and state in action, but the flip side of separation of church and state also means that the church can not force the state to prevent two people from marrying because they happen to have the same genitalia. Welcome to Stonewall II (or is it III or IV), the right to marry is a civil rights issue, and the courts will eventually side with the homosexuals. So try to pass your silly laws, try to pass the pathetic amendment (which has to have 2/3rds of the voting public to vote your way...No way that will happen), in the end you'll see that in America even those you don't like have rights you can't take away.


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Wednesday Top Ten

If it's Wednesday it must be time for my Top Ten:

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic -this Xbox game has gobbled up all my time.
2. Jack Johnson, Brushfire Fairytales -very nice and gentle album. Keeps me centered.
3. Jack Johnson, On and On -ditto (although I like Brushfire a little better).
4. A Mighty Wind Soundtrack -you must get this for at the very least the hilarious version of Start Me Up.
5. Global Frequency -picked the trade of the first six issues from DC comics. This is highly entertaining, each issue resonates with me after reading it.
6. West Wing -this season has been consistently good.
7. Curb Your Enthusiam -The funniest show on cable right now.
8. Ultimate Spiderman -every issue has been a delight. This is perhaps the best all-ages superhero book being published today.
9. Howard Dean -I am his special interest. Here's hoping with Clark's exit, that even more folks will vote for a man that isn't beholden to special interests, or a party to dirty campaign tricks. Onward to Wisconsin!
10. Survivor All-Stars -hate the three tribe idea, but otherwise this is so far a good season.


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Dems WILL win the White House, here's why...

To all those who have lost their jobs to see it exported (called outsourcing) out of the country, take heart! You're not jobless, you're heroes! You're economic vets in the economic war against the terrorists and a recession supposedly "inherited" from Bill Clinton. You made the not-so-ultimate sacrifice so that our Nation can recover from our terrible economy and also make sure they stuff you used to be able to buy (back when you had a job) would remain cheap. Um, not that it matters seeing as how our dollar is getting weaker...But that's okay 'cause we at war against high prices and the Georgie is our "war president". So take heart in your new lower-paying, less benefits that's if you were able to snag 1 of the 120,000 jobs created last month nationwide. President George W. (the W stands for Wal-mart, low prices always or die!)Bush's administration has said:

"Outsourcing is just a new way of doing international trade," said N. Gregory Mankiw, chairman of Bush's Council of Economic Advisors, which prepared the report. "More things are tradable than were tradable in the past. And that's a good thing." Read the whole article here.

This now ensures that even a gay penguin can win the White assuming he or she is a natural born citizen and over 35 (does penguin years count?).


Friday, February 06, 2004

For our friends...

Just wanted to post a pic for some of my friends who read this blog. I'll post more pics later, but for now here is one of the pics from our gathering last December.


What comments?

Looks like I'm having trouble with my comments link, so bear with me as I have to work, and also find time to correct/fix/change the program.


Friday Dog Blogging

Our dog, Storm, is a doxidor, a dueschund/labrador mix. Here she is balancing our that explains that mystery $200 payment to Petsmart.


Thursday, February 05, 2004

Rise Up & Vote, Stand Up and Be Counted!

This great country of ours deserves a leader like Dr. Howard Dean. Yes the prevailing mantra right now is ABB, Anybody But Bush...But we can do better than that. In these next few weeks we the Democratic voters have an opportunity to reach for a new vision for these United States. We can either choose to throw our weight behind a political machine that is soaking in the oil of special interest money, that promises the status quo and empty promises of politicians of years past or we can seek a new path. Now is our chance, and the moment is passing quickly. Some in our media have betrayed the public trust and have begun crafting fiction. Howard Dean is too angry they say. Howard Dean is not 'electable' they debate. The truth is that they want to see President Bush run against Senator Kerry. The match-up would be closer, Kerry's foilables (of which this is only a slice) would make great headlines and news segments. Howard Dean IS our best chance for turning politics around. He is our best chance for turning this nation around, but he needs our permission to do so. I am Dean's special interest, and so are you...But he can't fight for us unless we vote for him. Help us beat John Kerry, and his special interest masters. After that we can take our country back from George W., Dick Cheney, and John Ashcroft. For more information go here.


Low Prices (and low employee retention) at Wal-Mart

There's an interesting article in the February issue of Workforce Management concerning Wal-mart. The article discussing the various lawsuits against it, and about the federal raid on 60 Wal-marts for 250 undocumented workers. I was stricken by the article for a different reason, how the hell can this business stay in business? Will Wal-mart go the way of Montgomery Wards in the near future? Consider this, turnover at Wal-mart is about 50%...50%!!!!!. The article states:

"What this means is that every year in the United States, 600,000 to 700,000 Wal-mart associates walk out the door and must be replaced by fresh faces willing to work for starting hourly wages as low as $7 to $8. An analysis by shows that the retail industry spends $2,379 for each new hire. At that price, the tab for hiring 600,000 works would be $1.4 billion."

Wal-mart made a profit margin of $8 billion last year. Imagine of just a fraction of that number gets involved in a class-action suit. Workforce Management said this in regards to a possible class-action suit:

"So mind-numbing are the numbers involved that Wal-Mart is arguing that there is no practical way to provide back pay or punitive damages for 1.5 million women. The company estimates that just giving a single day of testimony about promotion decisionsat each store would require 13 years of daily courtroom sessions."


Thursday Blog-a-roll

Here's what been's happening as of late in a few of the Liberal Coalition blogs:

Pen-Elayne received some dissapointing job news. Hang in their Elayne!

Scout wants your help in finding out why folks think John Kerry is "the guy"

Guy Hall responds to a post on why Blog traffic is increasing and why Blogs are better than the CB.

Trish Wilson's Blog has several posts on Lowell Jaks kidnapping of his son, and it's fallout. Read them all here.

Mustang Bobby has a good post on how John Kerry might become teflon against Bush and the Rovenhater. I personally have my doubt s and would rather see Dean vs. Bush.

Echidne has a longer, well-written post on George Will and his faults.

edwardpig has a nice link to, and a short response of the whole Bush AWOL or Not debate

My favorite post of the week goes out to andante who writes on the same thing I've been in a pickle over as of late, Can I support John Kerry?


Oh the places you will see...

This is the lastest blog fascination, so here I am jumping on the bandwagon. Much of the states I've been to have been traveling from Allman Brother concert to Allman Brother concert, or when I've help moved family and friends from one end of the country to the other.

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wednesday Top Ten

Once again, here's my Wednesday Top Ten:

1. Survivor All-Stars -The Super Bowl was just the warm-up.
2. 24 -Sherry's Back. Nina's Back. For now....
3. MI-5 Season 1 -Damn Brits! How can you have a season that only lasts 6 episodes....I'm addicted.
4. Superman: Red Son -Not quite up their with Alan Moore's Superman stories but this was quite good.
5. Gotham Central -Someone please please PLEASE nominate this book for an Eisner!
6. The Very Best of Prince -Prince before New Power Generation just totally rocks! Thankfully this period is well represented.
7. Daredevil -Bendis returns, and Daredevil is the Kingpin. Great storyline.
8. ABB 9/4/03 Saratoga, CA one of my favorite shows from last year, finally have an audio copy to enjoy.
9. Smallville -It's good to see them getting away from the MOTW (Monster of the Week) syndrome.
10. Wizard World LA -ordered our tickets, now the wait begins!


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Queer Eye for the Christian Guy

For those that don't know I work for a small Christian university, Fresno Pacific University. What I have to say is NOT the opinion of the institution . It is my personal belief. I love this community and most of the people I call "brother" or "sister" in Christ. However, February is a hard month for me. It's a month that during our chapel hour (called "College hour" on campus) we talk about relationships...including homosexuality. One of these college hours will be given over to a group called New Creation to give their one-sided speech on how homosexuality is a sin, and that God doesn't create homosexuals. Instead, they believe that it's a behavioral or psychological "problem" that can be cured by faith in Christ and "professional" counseling and care. What irks me is that we consider our university to be a learning institution producing well-thought, caring, and moral people and yet we yield the floor to this New Creation without debate or care for those with a different viewpoint. Our university has a wonderful "creed" (for lack of a better word) called the Fresno Pacific Idea. This idea proclaims that we are a Christian University, that we are a community of learners, and that we are prophetic. As a community of learners, the Fresno Pacific idea states:

Believing that the Gospel transcends the limitations of all cultures and ideologies and that
inclusiveness enriches community, Fresno Pacific University welcomes those of different cultural,
national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to participate in its educational experience. The
university invites those from other church traditions, both as faculty and students, to enter into
dialogue and faithful practice with those in the Anabaptist and Believers Church tradition in
following Christ and in sharing the university’s mission. In keeping with its voluntaristic church
tradition, the university affirms the community formed as individuals relate to God and does not
discriminate against students who cannot freely and honestly make such a commitment. The
university encourages persons to serve across cultures and throughout the world as
compassionate disciples of Christ and as constructive members of society.
The university believes that knowledge and understanding are formed in community; that
learning takes place through dialogue and discourse between people who have different
experiences and perspectives, and that such wisdom begins with humility. These
understandings join teachers and students as partners in a mutual search for truth and

Having New Creation give their singular viewpoint with no room for different positions legitimatizes that one position. It betrays the Fresno Pacific idea by not offering discourse and dialogue from those, like me and other parishioners of "welcoming" churches that view ALL people as wonderful creations of a loving God regardless if they be straight or gay. Students that attend Fresno Pacific understand that they are not to have premarital, homosexual, or extramarital sex. I can agree with most of that, but what if you are a non-traditional (i.e. older off-campus student) GLBT Christian who wants to attend our university?

The hard part is I love Fresno Pacific. I believe it plays a vital role in the future of the San Joaquin valley. It is committed to creating hard-working, engaging teachers. It is working to apply biblical principles of peace and shalom to conflicts. It is educating thousands of students each year in an environment that encourages real learning and personal growth. I am one of it's successful products, and I believe Fresno Pacific can do better than to muddy their name with a one-sided vision of who gets included in God's new creation.

So what can I do to display my displeasure that will get my point across in a loving way, without risking my job or my love for Fresno Pacific? Any ideas? I would love to hear it. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment area.